Even Better BALANCE

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

You’ve likely read in previous Salal newsletters about BALANCE, the free, confidential, financial consulting service Salal CU offers through a partnership with BALANCE Financial Fitness. Our members are welcome to take advantage of all of BALANCE’s services, including money management counseling, debt management, identity theft solutions, a credit report review (using your actual credit report), housing counseling and more. For real solutions to many financial problems—or for help avoiding financial problems in the first place—many of our members turn to BALANCE every month.

And now BALANCE is even better. We’ve added to our online education program, so now our members have access to even more resources:

  • 10 Steps to Financial Success: From “Establish Goals” through “Establish a Good Credit History” and “Delete Your Debt” to “Seek Advice and Do Research,” this step-by-step program offers solid, actionable advice on progressing toward financial success.
  • The Psychology of Spending: understand your purchasing decisions and gain control over your spending. Understand how advertising affects you so that you can shop with care and confidence. Learn to counter impulse buying, understand the self-esteem issues that may cloud judgment when shopping, and more in this module.
  • Rebuilding After a Financial Crisis. Accident or injury, job loss, unexpected repairs to home or car: all of these can lead to financial difficulties which, unchecked, can spiral into a real crisis. This module helps people in economic turmoil get back on track to a healthy financial future. Budgeting, debt repayment, re-establishing a good credit history and score: get the tools and know-how to come back from a crisis.

2 Responses to “Even Better BALANCE”

  1. To whom it may concern,

    I am interested in money management — I am always behind in payments and short every month. I need help to make a budget and stick with it. I want to build up a three month safety net.


  2. Heather,
    Thank you for your comment–I’m sure you know that you’re not alone with this problem, particularly this time of year. One thing you can do is to schedule one of our financial skills workshops for your place of business, if you work for one of our Community Business Partners. Or you can check with us for a free workshop in the branch nearest you. For that information, you can contact Robert King (206-650-1306) or Julie Thompson (206-402-7104).

    You’ve taken the first step–being proactive. I think we can help you; just give us a call!

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