Hacker Terms – What’s a “DDoS”?

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

You’ve probably heard of spam, phishing, pharming and Trojan horses. You know to avoid the pleas of those claiming to be displaced royalty, and of course, you’d never click on a link emailed by a stranger. But you may not be familiar with a “Distributed Denial of Service” or “DDoS.”

In a DDoS attack, a particular website, server or network is targeted and flooded with requests. This coordinated attack is intended to overload the victim’s computer system, making it impossible for the victim to distinguish and respond to legitimate communications. Frequently a website will be taken offline during an attack, which may be confusing and alarming for users.

While DDoS attacks don’t themselves pose a security risk, they can be inconvenient and frustrating for anyone attempting to use a targeted website or network. Along with numerous financial institutions, SalalCU.org has been subject to DDoS attacks in the past, and we continue to work with our site vendor to minimize impact to our members. No Salal member security has been compromised as a result of a DDoS, though the attacks can take our website offline temporarily.

What can I do if SalalCU.org or Salal’s Online Banking is unavailable?

During brief interruptions to our website service, we encourage members to use our Mobile Banking app. Our app functions through a separate system and is not impacted by a DDoS. Additionally, members can use ATMs, Salal’s Phone Access Line (206.298.9394 or 800.562.5515 ext 1), or bypass technology in favor of a real human being at a Salal branch. You can also speak with a member of Salal’s Virtual Branch by calling 206.298.9394 or 800.562.5515 during business hours.

Should SalalCU.org experience a DDoS in the future, we encourage our members to check our website or our blog (salalcublog.org) for updates on the situation. We will do our best to provide information as quickly as we can.

At Salal CU, our members’ security is our highest priority, and we continue to utilize world-class security measures to protect your money and private information. We appreciate your patience as we implement and improve security to minimize interruptions and maximize member safety.

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