Help for the Credit Challenged with AutoFit NW

Monday, June 24th, 2013

You’re more than a credit score with AutoFit NW

At Salal Credit Union, we understand that our members are more than the balance in their accounts and more than their credit score. Times have been hard, and plenty of good people have had bad luck: layoffs, medical issues, declining property values. That’s why we’ve introduced our new character-based lending program: AutoFit NW1.

Who is AutoFit for?

AutoFit is for those whose poor credit scores might make getting an auto loan difficult. Too often, people find themselves faced with interest rates of 20 or even 25% APR2 to get an auto loan—and that can make a tough time even tougher. Our unique approach to lending minimizes risk to our cooperative by employing character-based lending techniques: we listen to your side of the story, and often we’re able to approve non-prime loans other financial institutions won’t. And if you already have an auto loan from another lender, we may be able to refinance your loan at a lower rate.

How does it work?

Potential (but credit challenged) borrowers can apply for an AutoFit loan at any Salal branch or directly from a dealer’s lot. We’ll interview you and hear the steps you’ve taken to improve your financial situation and reach your financial goals. Approved borrowers will enjoy an affordable rate from a reputable lender, plus assistance moving forward on financial goals.

And our help isn’t over when you drive off in your new car—borrowers who make on-time payments for at least 12 months may be eligible for a Salal Secured or Classic Visa or other Salal products and services.1

Life doesn’t always happen according to plan. Salal and AutoFit NW can help you get back on your feet—and back on the road.

1All Salal loans are subject to credit approval. 2APR = Annual Percentage Rate

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