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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Earlier this year, Salal contracted with financial industry assessment experts Raddon Financial Group. With Raddon’s help, we created a survey which was made available to our members via mail, email, and our website in March and April. We got a terrific response; here are some of the major points our members indicated as being most important to them:


Members want to be sure their financial institution is protecting their privacy and security. At Salal CU, this is our highest priority, and we are vigilant in protecting your accounts and personal information:

Online security: we require sophisticated Online Banking User IDs, watermarks, security questions, and passwords. We follow or exceed our industry’s best practice recommendations.

Protected information: we never share our members’ information with third-party vendors other than those with whom we contract services (for printing and mailing periodic statements, for example). Some information may be a matter of public record (liens, mortgages, etc.), but no member information is ever sold to retailers, catalog providers, etc.

Compromised cards: when we are notified that credit or debit cards may have been compromised, we move quickly to block endangered cards and replace them. Please understand these cards have not been compromised due to action by Salal — often cards must be blocked and replaced because a retailer’s database or card reader has been hacked and information stolen.

Suspicious activity: we monitor accounts for activity that looks odd or fits the profile of a stolen card. If your credit or debit card goes on holiday to Italy without you, it’s important your account be blocked and the card replaced as quickly as possible. However, we have no desire to interrupt your vacation, so please don’t forget to let us know when and where you’re travelling!


Again, no surprise: members want to know their financial matters are being handled competently. At Salal, to ensure continuity of knowledge, we have a thorough and ongoing training process and redundant back-up measures, and we encourage a strong mentoring culture. Audits are consistently excellent, and we continue to invest in new technology and training to help staff be even more accurate and efficient.

Of course, we were very happy to hear that our members are overwhelmingly satisfied or very satisfied with Salal CU. However, we are not a credit union to rest on our laurels. We continue to look for ways to improve, and we’ll be focusing even more resources on those things our members identified as most important. Additionally, we will continue to seek feedback regularly from members, with the goal of constant improvement and increased member satisfaction.

Thank you for all you do to make Salal Credit Union a truly “cooperative” endeavor!

2 Responses to “Survey Results”

  1. When will I be able to make my car payments online?

  2. Elisabeth,
    Thanks for your question! You can make your car payments online now, if you have a checking or savings account with Salal. If not, you have a couple of other options for making your payment conveniently: (1) you can set up bill pay with your primary financial institution. (2) Set up an automatic payment with Salal, and we’ll pull the funds on your due date so your payment is never late. To establish automatic payments, give us a call at 800.562.5515 or 206.298.9394. Hope that helps, and thanks again for a great question.

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