Friday, December 20th, 2013

You’ve probably heard the news by now: as many as 40 million credit and debit card account holders may be at risk of fraud after a major data breach occurred at Target stores across the US. Members who have been impacted by the breach have already been notified by mail, and replacement cards have been ordered. These members will receive replacement cards prior to the affected cards being blocked.

NEW INFORMATION: Beware of phishing. Target Corporation has begun an informational blitz to as many of the affected parties as possible. This has inadvertently provided criminals the chance to send scam communications as well. Cardholders have reported receiving calls requesting card and PIN data, as well as emails requesting other personal information. As a general rule, never give out personal information via email or telephone, never give out your card or PIN unless you are purchasing something from a trusted merchant, and never click a link in a suspicious email.

What exactly happened at Target?

From November 27 through December 15, thieves were able to access credit and debit card information via Target’s point-of-sale systems, gathering information such as customer names, card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV. With such information, fraudsters can create counterfeit cards and make purchases.

Who was impacted?

The breach affected credit and debit cards used to make purchases at Target stores; online purchases from were not affected. Target Corp says the issue was resolved after December 15. Salal Visa credit and debit card holders are potentially impacted only if they shopped at a Target store during the period described.

Steps you can take to protect yourself

  • Monitor your account transactions daily via Online Banking; establish account alerts so you’ll be notified if unusual activity takes place. Get signed up with our free Online Banking by calling 800.562.5515.
  • If you notice suspicious activity on your Salal credit or debit card, notify us immediately by using the phone number on the back of the card.
  • Know your rights. The Federal Trade Commission* has information regarding your rights and potential liability in the case of identity fraud.

Don’t forget:

If we detect suspicious activity on any Salal Credit Union card, we immediately block the card and contact the member. In addition, we have increased scrutiny on any cards associated with this breach. If fraud is attempted, it will be detected and stopped quickly.

You can still write checks from your account or make cash withdrawals from a Salal branch. If you’re concerned about the Target breach, you’re welcome to call us at 800.562.5515 or 206.298.9394.

To read the statement issued by Target, click here.*

*Please understand that clicking hyperlinks or URLs in this blog may mean you’ll leave Salal Credit Union’s site. Please be advised that Salal Credit Union provides this link as a courtesy to you; however, we are unable to endorse or guarantee the content accuracy of these third party websites.

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